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The Sports Yard Tape is a revolutionary professional tool, that measures in yards. Whether it's for Pee Wee, High School, Collegiate, or Professional levels, of for coaches, trainers or weekend warriors, the Sports Yard Tape is a must to be accurate when measuring yards. Stop Guessing! Measure For The Sport!





SYT Training

Coming Soon!  SYT is proud to offer our customers a new line of workout clothing:


This line is for both men and women. We have dri-shirts that will keep you cool and dry while working out in the summer, plus sweat suits, hoodies and nylon workout pants to keep you warm in the winter.  



The Sports Yard Tape training tool is the only Professional Measuring Tool, which measures in yards. In addition; SYT Training has devoted its energy and time to passionately training our clients for whatever sport or personal goals they may have. Combining personal training with apparel and additional training equipment, you will be ready to compete at any level.  Find out how you can start getting in shape and work towards your goals.

Stop Guessing!  Measure For the Sport!

Join the movement and get your mind, heart, and body in shape.  Working out isn't seasonal, which is why SYT has trainers, apparel and equipment are available for year-round workouts.  

Sports Yard Tape Tool

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